EXPERTA CR is a Construction Company with strong project management skills, directed by Eng. Christian Zamora and Designer Francella Amador.
We have been in business for 15 years and our many successes to date, have shown that we have been on the right path.
In 2006, we founded EXPERTA CR, with the main objective of reshaping the construction sector and becoming leaders in the private industry in our country.
With great pride, we have begun 2021 as a solid and reliable company which has been selected by many leading consulting firms and private clients in Costa Rica for the development of their projects.
We are a team of premium quality professionals who guarantee a comprehensive and personalized service for our clients, that meets and often exceeds the high standards that they demand from us.
High quality thinking, innovative solutions, reliabilty and punctuality, help us to stand out from other companies and these traits are reflected in the way we approach every project.


At Experta CR, we continually strive to strengthen our relationships with our clients.
We do this through close teamwork and collaboration, and by practicing ethical values ​​such as honesty, fairness, loyalty, and responsibility.

Within our company these ethical pillars support everything we do and enable us to achieve our commercial objectives and feel good about what we have collectively achieved.


Eng. Christian Zamora

Project Management

Designer. Francella Amador

General Management